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Herman Miller Aeron Used

Who wouldn’t love to own a Herman Miller Aeron chair?

It’s the Ferrari of office seating – classic, sleek, and the epitome of ergonomic design. But the steep price tag? Not quite everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s where buying used comes into the picture. A pre-loved Herman Miller Aeron is a clever way to enjoy the luxury of this iconic chair, without having to cough up a small fortune.

Think of it as a savvy investment. It’s cost-effective, promotes sustainability, and still delivers the unmatched comfort and quality the Aeron is famous for. But diving into the world of used office furniture does require some know-how.

In this guide, we’ll unfold the secrets to scoring a top-notch, used Herman Miller Aeron. We’ll help you navigate the market with confidence, ensuring you bag a deal that brings you comfort without compromise.

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Unveiling the Aeron’s Legacy: A Design Marvel for the Ages

A Herman Miller Aeron in a home office

Image: Herman Miller

In the realm of office chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron is more than just a seating arrangement – it’s a design masterpiece. Launched in 1994, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick turned the world of office furniture on its head with this ergonomic triumph.

The Aeron’s backbone is a breathable mesh material, the ingenious 8Z Pellicle. This fabric weaves the narrative of the chair, cradling you in its hold, dispersing your weight evenly, and eliminating those pesky pressure points that make prolonged sitting an ordeal. Even after hours of work, the Pellicle keeps you cool and relaxed.

But the Aeron isn’t all about practicality; it’s an aesthetic triumph as well. The sleek lines and modern panache of the chair blend seamlessly into any office environment, regardless of the decade. The chair is, in essence, a timeless piece of design history, new or used.

But what takes the Aeron from great to phenomenal is its adaptability. With adjustable arms, tilt functions, and customizable lumbar support, the Aeron chair tailors itself to your body, accommodating a plethora of work styles and body shapes.

Curious about the tale behind the Aeron? Dive into the rich history of this iconic piece in our comprehensive Aeron guide.

New vs. Used Aeron Chairs: Understanding Your Choices

Herman Miller Aeron in a home office

Torn between springing for a brand-new Aeron chair and snagging a used one for a steal? It’s a common dilemma. After all, there’s something intoxicating about unboxing a brand-new chair, fresh from the manufacturer. But equally tempting is the allure of saving a pretty penny without compromising on quality.

The brand new Aeron chair, straight from the manufacturer, comes with a reassuring 12-year warranty, offering you an all-inclusive safety net for any potential issues. Plus, you get to play around with customization options to create a chair tailored just for you. But let’s face it, this option can give your wallet a significant dent.

On the flip side, you have used Herman Miller chairs. They’re like the hidden gems of the office furniture world. They offer the same iconic design, top-notch comfort, and superior functionality, all at a fraction of the cost.

Refurbished Aeron chairs from reputable sellers can be your ticket to remarkable value for money. Although the warranties may not be as extensive as those for new chairs, some refurbishers offer impressive guarantees. Take Crandall Office Furniture, for example. They roll out a 12-year warranty on their refurbished Aeron chairs, providing buyers with a level of confidence that rivals new chair purchases.

Contrary to popular belief, going used doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice customization. Plenty of refurbishers provide a range of options, letting you choose the model, size, and in some cases, even specific components to suit your needs.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of used Aeron chairs, exploring the benefits and things to keep in mind when making your choice.

Benefits and Challenges of Buying a Herman Miller Aeron Used

A neon pros and cons image with a green thumbs up and red thumbs down

Buying used Herman Miller Aeron chairs has many advantages. But like any good deal, it also presents its own set of challenges. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at what you stand to gain, and what you need to be mindful of.

Pros: The Upside of Investing in Pre-Loved Aeron Chairs

  • Cost-Effective: The foremost attraction is the inviting price tag. With second-hand Aeron chairs, you can enjoy luxury comfort at a much lighter cost. It’s like purchasing a luxury car at the cost of a sedan, making premium seating accessible to budget-seekers and the broader public.
  • A Nod to Mother Nature: Equally significant is the environmental impact – or rather, the reduction thereof. By purchasing used office chairs, you help reduce the demand for new products and the resources they consume. It’s a choice that not only benefits your wallet but also the planet.
  • Quality Assurance: The pre-owned tag doesn’t necessarily mean compromised quality. When procured from a reliable source, many used Aeron chairs are in mint condition. They’re thoroughly checked, refurbished, and dressed up to deliver a ‘like new’ experience.
  • Warranty: It might come as a surprise, but many used Aeron chairs don’t shy away from offering warranties. For example, Crandall Office Furniture confidently provides a 12-year warranty on its rejuvenated chairs, ensuring a safety net that rivals buying new.
  • Variety: The used furniture market can be a collector’s dream. With chairs from different batches and periods, you might come across unique styles or shades that have been discontinued in the latest collections.

Cons: Challenges of Buying a Herman Miller Aeron Used

  • Wear and Tear: Used chairs have stories to tell, and sometimes these stories come with signs of usage. The key is to buy from a reputed seller who thoroughly inspects and revitalizes their stock, minimizing any hidden surprises.
  • Limited Customization: When buying new, you can customize your chair to your liking. With used chairs, customization options are usually limited to what’s already available in inventory.
  • Availability: The availability of specific models, sizes, or colors can be unpredictable in the used market. Therefore, you might not always find the exact chair you want when you want it.
  • Delivery & Handling: Depending on where you buy, shipping costs can offset some of the savings from buying used. It’s important to factor this into your final cost. Companies like Crandall offer free shipping, helping to keep costs down.

Guiding You Through the Hurdles

Investing in a used Aeron chair doesn’t have to be a gamble. By doing your homework and opting for a trustworthy seller, you can sidestep the obstacles and soak in the benefits.

Before buying, don’t hesitate to probe into the chair’s past, the refurbishment process, and the warranty terms. Trustworthy sellers wear their transparency like a badge of honor, and if they’re forthcoming about their policies, you can rest assured you’re making a secure purchase.

Choosing a second-hand Herman Miller Aeron chair can be a smart, eco-friendly move, providing comfort and class at a reduced cost. By understanding the pluses and minuses, you can make an informed choice, ensuring your second-hand Aeron chair checks all your boxes, both in terms of budget and needs.

Demystifying Used Aeron Chair Refurbishment

Crandall Office Remanufacturing Process Infographic

Image: Crandall Office

Remanufacturing a used Aeron chair to near showroom quality isn’t a casual endeavor—it’s a meticulous process. To demystify how these used chairs can regain their prestige, we’ll take a deep dive into the refurbishment procedure carried out by Crandall Office Furniture.

You can also watch a full video on their remanufacturing process here.

The Remanufacturing Process

  1. Disassembly: The chair is stripped down to its core components, a process that allows for a comprehensive evaluation of its condition.
  2. Damage Assessment: Specialists look for major damage that might affect the chair’s function or longevity. This step is vital in ensuring that only quality chairs make it to the refurbishment phase.
  3. Cleaning, Sterilization, and Painting: The entire chair is thoroughly cleaned. Areas that have lost their sheen or have minor scratches are touched up with OEM color paint to restore their original appearance.
  4. Seat and Back Restoration: Technicians remove screws, carefully take out the mesh, and hand-wash it. Once dried, the clean mesh is reinstalled on the cleaned seat and back frames. To ensure maximum comfort, a new under-seat foam pad and a high-end polyurethane lumbar pad are installed.
  5. Component Testing and Replacement: Every functioning part of the chair, from the tilt limiter to the forward tilt mechanism, is checked. Any parts found lacking are replaced with new components.
  6. Arm Rest Overhaul: The height adjustment components of the armrests are tightened, and new pivot components are installed. For a luxurious touch, brand new made-in-USA arm pads are added.
  7. Cylinder Replacement: The gas cylinder, a critical part of any office chair, is replaced and a new set screw is fitted.
  8. Mechanism Cover Replacement: To give the chair a fresh look, the old mechanism cover is replaced with a new one.
  9. Final Clean: After all the restoration work is done, the chair gets one final clean before it’s ready for shipping.

Additionally, when you choose a Crandall remanufactured Aeron chair, you receive a 12-year warranty—the same as a new chair! Even better, they offer a 30-day free trial and free shipping within the US. Click here to find out more.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Remanufactured by Crandall Office

Image: Crandall Office

These steps demonstrate that a refurbished chair can match a brand-new Aeron in form, function, and durability, providing an appealing option for those seeking value without compromising on quality.

Aeron Chair Sizes: Choosing the Right One for Your Body Type

A comparison showing Herman Miller Aeron sizes and colors

Image: Herman Miller

One critical factor when buying a used Herman Miller Aeron chair is choosing the right size. At the present time, Herman Miller offers the Aeron chair in three sizes: A, B, and C.

Size A is the smallest, suitable for petite individuals. Size B is the standard size that fits most adults, while Size C is the largest option, intended for taller or larger individuals.

Refurbishers like Crandall Office Furniture offer a range of sizes, so you can find the Aeron chair that fits you perfectly.

Herman Miller Aeron Size Chart

Herman Miller Aeron size chart

Image: Herman Miller

Buying with Confidence: Choosing a Trusted Seller

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of buying a used Herman Miller Aeron chair is choosing a trusted seller. The reliability of the seller can make a significant difference in the quality of the chair you receive and the after-sales service.

A trusted seller should provide clear information about the chair’s condition and the refurbishment process. They should also offer a reasonable warranty.

The seller’s reputation can also be gauged by reviews and ratings. Crandall, for instance, boasts many positive reviews, setting a high benchmark for other sellers in the used office furniture market.

Trusted Seller
Herman Miller Aeron - Remanufactured by Crandall Office

When you choose a remanufactured Herman Miller Aeron chair from Crandall Office Furniture, you're inviting home exceptional value, a full 12-year warranty, and the distinctive comfort and style that have crowned Aeron chairs as office favorites worldwide. What's more, with their 30-day free trial and complimentary shipping within the US, you're all set for a risk-free purchase experience.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Bottom Line

Whether for your home office or corporate environment, a Herman Miller Aeron chair is an investment in comfort and productivity. When you opt for a used Aeron chair, you’re making a cost-effective, sustainable choice without compromising on the benefits the Aeron chair offers.

However, remember to wear your researcher hat and ensure you choose a trustworthy seller. Refurbishers like Crandall Office Furniture embody the zenith of quality, warranty, and customer service in the pre-loved office furniture landscape.

When you choose a used Herman Miller Aeron chair from Crandall Office Furniture, you’re inviting home exceptional value, a full 12-year warranty, and the distinctive comfort and style that have crowned Aeron chairs as office favorites worldwide. What’s more, with their 30-day free trial and complimentary shipping within the US, you’re all set for a risk-free purchase experience.

Click here to find the ideal remanufactured Herman Miller Aeron that’s waiting to be yours today at Crandall Office.

Happy chair hunting!


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